At Killer Beauty Studio, I create custom lash sets to achieve the lashes of your dreams! You can expect full, long lasting lash sets, as I aim to apply as many lashes as possible (unlimited lashes, no counting)! I will always prioritize your lash health, using lengths suitable to your natural lashes. But, I don't do thin barely there lash sets! Using super lightweight FLAT LASHES for any classic application, gives you the option achieve a fuller, longer looking lash look!

I specialize in wispy lash sets (striplash look), but can also recreate any look you desire.

Classic lash setClassic lash setClassic lash set


FULL $130 | FILL $90

For the first timers, or babes who already have a ton of natural lashes, these are for you! This set uses a single lash extension on each natural lash. Choose a short natural look, or a long dramatic style. Classic lashes are the most versatile style!

Hybrid lash setHybrid lash setHybrid lash setHybrid lash set


FULL $180 | FILL $110

A mix of classic lashes, and volume fans. Hybrid sets are great for adding some extra volume, or creating that wispy strip lash look we've seen all over Instagram.

Volume lash setVolume lash setVolume lash set


FULL $180 | FILL $110

For the babes who want a full, fluffy look! Volume fans are created by bundling 2 or more lash extensions, then placed on a single natural lash. Volume sets gives the illusion of having more lashes than you really do! This option is also great for those who have super sparse lashes, and want a darker dense lash line. Give those wimpy lashes some life!


$90 | + TINT $5

Already have amazing, long, full lashes, everyone dreams of? This is for you! Lash lifts give your natural lashes a curled look, which lasts up to 6+ weeks. Please note this procedure chemically processes your lashes, and you will not be able to get them wet for 24 hours.