At Killer Beauty Studio, I create custom lash sets to achieve the lashes of your dreams! You can expect full, long lasting lash sets, as I aim to apply as many lashes as possible (unlimited lashes, no counting)! I will always prioritize your lash health, using lengths suitable to your natural lashes. But, I don't do thin barely there lash sets! Using super lightweight FLAT LASHES for any classic application, gives you the option achieve a fuller, longer looking lash look!

I specialize in wispy lash sets (striplash look), but can also recreate any look you desire.


FULL $130 | FILL $65/$90

For the first timers, or babes who already have a ton of natural lashes, these are for you! This set uses a single lash extension on each natural lash. Choose a short natural look, or a long dramatic style. Classic lashes are the most versatile style!


FULL $180 | FILL $80/$110

A mix of classic lashes, and volume fans. Hybrid sets are great for adding some extra volume, or creating that wispy strip lash look we've seen all over Instagram.


FULL $180 | FILL $80/$110

For the babes who want a full, fluffy look! Volume fans are created by bundling 2 or more lash extensions, then placed on a single natural lash. Volume sets gives the illusion of having more lashes than you really do! This option is also great for those who have super sparse lashes, and want a darker dense lash line. Give those wimpy lashes some life!


$100 | + TINT $5

Want no fuss, maintenance free lashes? Lash lifts are for you! You'll achieve a bright eyed look, without the hassle and damage of a lash curler. This procedure lasts up to 6+ weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle.